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Eventmore brings events at your fingertips - to your phone. With Eventmore you will always find interesting things to do and have the chance to see your city in a new light. Download the free event app now.


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Find your audience in mobile. With Eventmore you can create your own mobile channel fast: easy and cost-effectly. Help your audience to find their favorites in your program and find thousands of new fans.

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10 tärppiä Rakkautta & Anarkiaa -festivaalien viimeiselle viikonlopulle
Rakkautta & Anarkiaa - Helsinki International Film Festival 2016

Event Organizer

You can create your own mobile channel inside the Eventmore app.

Eventmore is an app and a media that brings events and their audiences together in one platform. We have over 10 000 events in our base and have worked together with tens of festivals, clubs and other event organizers to bring their program on reach for mobile users.

Event organizers can create their own channels inside Eventmore. The channel will serve like the events' own app and in addition has the Eventmore audience of thousands of users in reach. The audience will be guided to the channel with a direct link. They can scroll easily through the whole program with category search, add favorites, get direct messages from events, find the best routes to venues, share events to their social media channels and buy tickets.

The application was launched in August 2015 in Helsinki. We have now visited Turku and Tampere and will soon be moving to other parts of Finland - and the world. Get to know our clients and partners below!

Clients since August 2015

Our partners



0 €

  • Register for free and add your event in Eventmore
  • You can create new venues and events
  • Your event will be added to our event calendar


500€ + VAT.

  • We create your own mobile channel
  • Introduce your program in mobile
  • Communicate with your audience
  • With this price the channel is valid for 6 months
  • Additional Months 80€ + VAT. / month


from 1000€ + VAT.

  • In addition to your own channel we can also solve the way your events are displayed on your website
  • Do you need more functions in your own channel or website? Let's talk more!

Single Event

Eventmore Single Event

We want to invite all events and their audiences to Eventmore. Our mission is to create one platform that offers a functional, local, quality service to all who want to keep up with the events going on in their city.

You can register for free here and create events and venues also free of charge. As soon as you create an event it will be instantly displayed in our app and website. You can create an unlimited number of individual events and venues.

Our partners Tiketti, Lippupiste, Lipputoimisto and Linked Events of City of Helsinki offer their event data for us. If you are using any of these channels, we have your event in our app.

All the events in the app can be filtered by categories or distance. The app user can share an event to Twitter or Facebook, add events to favorites, find routes to venues, find events by categories, venue, event name, date or city and get messages from event channels they choose.

If you need help creating events, want to use categories that are not available or edit your events already in our calendar, please contact us by e-mail: lissu.kirves@evenman.com

Your Own Channel

Eventmore Single Event

Festivals, venues, clubs, bands and other event organizers can create their own channels inside Eventmore app.

Your channel will be created inside the Eventmore app. You will get access to a landing page where you can control all the content of your channel. We will give you a direct link to share the channel to your audience in your website, social media marketing and print materials. We will be marketing your channel to all Eventmore users inside the app, on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and newsletter.

Your channel will be presented in the front page and the site contains information event on the map, the channel brought to the entire program of events and ticket sales are controlled or mm. to listen to the artist production. This app showcases the venues or platforms, the region's supply of food and restaurants. within the channel can filter based on categories or genres of programs offered.

Event creator can post push messages to the public directly in the channel. In addition, it is possible to communicate iBeacon-channel transmitters specifications Upload venues and tell you this example. the benefits and changes in the allocation.

Channel partners can introduce or promote your event venues. The channel on the front page is the opportunity to bring partners logonäkyvyydellä raised. above the Event listing can create ad banner, which control the desired page. in connection with the events and venues can create advantages, which, for example, to tell the restaurant's offerings or to explain in detail the speakers or performers of the event.

The public application provides a compelling content, which can be filtered mm. based on categories or distance. The application user to share an event or artist demonstration of social media kanavissaan, add to favorites, to find the route to the scene and look for interesting comprehensive supply. He finds an application in addition to individual events festivals and other events, factors, their own channels where you can get more information and communication event.

If you are interested creating your own channel or have any questions please contact our CMO Lissu Kirves, lissu.kirves@evenman.com , +358 40 766 9671.

Your Own Channel + More

Eventmore Tailored

In addition to your own mobile channel we can also provide you customized services to attract your audience.

We can create a connection to your website and fetch events automatically to Eventmore database. With this connection you only have to input your event information only once on one site.

*Fetching the excisting event content from your website for an additional cost of 600 € + VAT.

You can use Eventmore as the base of your events and direct them straight to your website using our portal. We use a frame that will be build to your event page. All the changes made in the base will also automatically be updated on your event page.

*Construction of the frame on the website and creating a feed to Eventmore basefor the additional cost of € 1100 + VAT.

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Eventmore is a new event application which was launched in Helsinki in August 2015. Eventmore is available on iPhone and Android platforms.

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